Steve Cichon: A New Voice….

“We need a new voice,” I hear as I meet people all around Erie County.

“Someone needs to open up the windows and air it out.”

Let me be your new voice and someone who is going to throw those windows open.

I’ve never worked in government before, never held elected office. Who knows what motivates some people to want to hop from political job to political job, but rest assured– I’m not asking for your vote because I need a new job.

I stand ready to offer my familiar voice as your new voice in government. I think we all know we can’t rely on the same old people to fix problems that never seem to get better.

We need Auto Bureau service crafted for the next generation by someone who’s spent the last four years in the classroom with our next generation.

We need to do away with same old ancient mentalities and lackluster leadership which left me at the auto bureau for 90 minutes registering a vehicle for my business earlier this year.

It’s the same old lack of vision and embracing of technology which leads to a year long wait for a pistol permit in Erie County, when it’s a month or two in neighboring counties.

The first order of business is installing common sense, transparency, and efficiently serving the people of Erie County as the primary drivers of what we do. It’s so simple, but it doesn’t seem to be something that long-time politicians can always get a good grasp on.

People say I look like a clerk… and I say YES.

My unique look is reflective of the unique style I’ll bring to government.

It’s called getting things done and making government work.

How unique is that?

We need your help to get it done. Drop me an email and let me know what you think you can do to let a new voice be heard.

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