A leader has to choose…

I’ve been on the campaign trail for a couple of weeks now, doing what candidates do– attending party events and talking with the rank and file of my party to get to know them and ask for their support.

Janique Curry– another candidate for clerk– and I have been working the same rooms and attending the same events, talking to the voters across the county who will choose among us in the primary.

The only time I’ve seen Assemblyman Kearns on the campaign trail, he wasn’t talking with Democratic voters– he was sitting with Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy and Republican Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw at an event where both parties had a table.

And that’s fine– if he wants to run as the Republican for Clerk, he has every right. But clearly he’s running as a Republican, so why not just say so?

Among the first rules of leadership is you can’t be all things to all people. You have to pick a side. Especially in 2017, does anyone think that you can belong to both political parties at the same time?

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this political climate should make it pretty easy to decide whether you want your feet planted in the D or R camp. To try to straddle both seems both impossible and disingenuous.

It’s easy for me. I’m a Democrat. You may like that or not, but I’m a Democrat. I’m a Democrat with a bright vision for our region’s future, and ready and willing to lead us there.

I have a vision for the clerk’s office that brings its operations into the current decade with more electronic and internet based service, and less endless waiting in lines.

I hope that no matter what your party, you can stand with me as someone who lays out my principals and stands by them, and is willing to make the tough choices a leader has to make.

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